Sunday, August 14, 2011


The Blessings of Having God as Our Father, 8/14/11

The first part of James 4:8 gives us words of promise and encouragement:
“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”
What a blessing it is to be able to come close to our God, knowing that the closer we choose to come to Him the closer He will come to us. God is our creator and eternal heavenly Father.

What child does not want to curl up in the protective arms of their Father? What Father does want to hold, protect and comfort their child? God longs for us to come into his arms and enjoy his love and protection (Matt. 23:37). All we have to do is come.

Let us consider the blessings of having God as our Father:
1. He is the source of very good and perfect gift – James 1:17; Matt. 7:11.
2. He provides us comfort in all our afflictions. 2 Cor. 1:3-4.
3. When needed, He chastises us. Heb. 12:5-11.
4. He has promised to never forsake us. Heb. 13:5-6.
Let’s resolve every morning, as soon as our eyes open, to draw closer to our heavenly Father , subject ourselves to Him and enjoy His protection. He is our light, our salvation and the defender of our lives. (Psalm 27:1)

Seeking God, 2/29/09

Deuteronomy 4:29 tells us “But if you seek the Lord your God you will find Him if you look for Him with all your heart and with all your soul”.

In Proverbs 8:17 we learn “I love those who love me and those who seek me find me.

Hebrews 11:6 tells us that “Without faith it is impossible to please God. We must believe that he exists and rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”

There are many verses in the Bible that speak to seeking God. Clearly God wants us to seek Him. The word “seek” implies a quest, not a casual act. If we are to seek God we must read the Bible to gain understanding. We can’t read it like we scan a newspaper. We must read and act on our knowledge. So we progress in our faith. Progressing in the faith is the fruit of seeking. Are we seeking God? Are we on a quest to know God and His will for us?

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  1. Dear elders and Brothers in Christ,
    Greetings, by the Grace of our Heavenly Father we are safe here and hope the same with you all. Through your prayers kind helps and our hard the work in India growing day by day. We are requesting you to continue your prayers and encouragement in 2010 also.

    I am Babu.G 28 year’s old, preacher of church of Christ at Giddalur region of Andhra Pradesh in India. I started the preaching at age of 20 and have been working to spread the gospel and New Testament truth here in my place and striving to His kingdom. I was baptized at the age of 18 years by Bro. Jeremiah in May 10, 1999 at Church of Christ, Komarole. Later I was trained at Preachers Training School, Komarole for 1 year (1999-2000) God blessed me with life partner and I am married to Ms. Geetha in 2002. Since we took active participation in the church activities. I worked and well done that the establishment of the New Congregation at Chinagani palli church of Christ. Also there are five preachers who are faithful and dedicated for His work are with me in taking the truth to the people who are in the darkness. Totally we have 10 congregations at this time with about 20 - 35 members in each congregation. I have five preachers combined as a team and working together. We are going to gospel work four days in a week. We are conducting Preacher’s Bible class and Gospel meetings surrounding areas as per preacher’s locations.

    My family consists of four members. My father worked in Church of Christ nearly 20 years. Family fully depends on my daily income. Day time working earning to feed my family at night I used to go rural area near by Preach the word of God and return to home by mid night and rested and morning routine work. These types of Physical Problems are facing. So please pray for my family and Gospel ministry. I am committed my self serve to our God in all Circumstances. I badly in need and welcome your esteemed assistance in spiritual and material form for his device ministry.
    I love you in the lord and I am Praying for your good health that of your family, elders and church members. I pray for your safety as you travel to do the Gospel ministry which act of kindness I remain grateful to you brother.
    May God Bless You,
    Thanking You,

    Lovingly Brother in Christ
    G.BABU, Preacher,