Tuesday, April 9, 2013


In April we have been blessed to install 4 deacons. These young men have each taken an area of work that they will lead. They want to engage the whole congregation in these works. One goal is to have everyone involved in a work. I am asking for you to reach out and offer to help them. Let’s be an engaged and working congregation.

Here are the areas of work and the responsible Deacon:

Curriculum and Education – Paul Wiens will take the lead and Travis Dann will help. Present and former teachers will be asked for input to see what they want or don’t want as we develop the curriculum.

Youth Ministry – Travis Dann will take the lead with Ty and Jerrod helping. We want to have activities for all ages. Everyone enjoyed the Bowling and want more activities like that and we also want to do service projects.

Church Directory - Ty McClurg and Andy Cox will be updating the Church Directory

Engagement and Involvement - In general we want to have more members of the congregation involved and working.

Administration and Budget - Andy Cox will lead in this work and Ty McClug will also help

Engagement and Involvement - We will be working to get broader involvement of the congregation in the works of the Church.

Please keep your bulletins and pray for those on the prayer list. Look for ways to help. Read you Bible and seek understanding and discernment. Volunteers are needed for the lectureship.

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